• Edward Ting
  • Anda Nicolae
  • VMB


  • Review action items from 2019-02-21 Docs WG Meeting
  • Meeting setup status
  • Discuss the scope of the docs group
  • Share your fave FOSS docs
  • Current state of the docs
  • VMB: Update on new members?


  • Meeting setup status
    • ET has pinged ccain several times to get a weekly meeting set up
    • Will ping again
  • Discuss the scope of the docs group
    • ET: This is a subgroup of the TSC, so…only technical docs? Or marketing docs as well?
    • VMB: We'll probably collaborate w/the TFMWG as needed
    • ET: How about the website?
      • VMB: WordPress site handled by MWG. GitHub Pages? We collaborate w/marketing to review patches
    • ET: How do we approve patches?
      • VMB: Use same process as rest of TF (gerrit), will need a styleguide, etc.
        • Treat docs like code → CI/CD, linter, etc.
    • ET/AN: Put stuff in Google Docs first?
      • VMB: Nope. No access in China. Creates technical debt.
  • Update on new members
    • VMB talking to Fawn & Kieran at Juniper, Abhijeet & Rupam at AT&T. These companies will try to send more tech writer support to us.
  • Share your fave FOSS docs
    • What projects are doing this right?
  • Things we need to figure out
    • Current locations of all documentation: Defer until after the infra move is complete
    • Current CI/CD status of documentation: Defer until after the infra move is complete
    • Current styleguide? If any? VMB will ask Kieran
    • Current format (md/rst)? If any? VMB will ask Kieran
    • Issue tracking preferences & location for documentation
      • Can start to work on this now ← talk about this in the next call
    • Quality criteria for docs? VMB will ask Kieran
    • Patch approval criteria for docs: Defer until the TSC confirms the process for code.
    • How to get more people into the docs group: Edward will bring to the TSC

Action Items

  • VMB: Ask Kieran about styleguide, format of docs, quality criteria for docs
  • Edward: Will ask TSC about getting more docs group members
  • Edward: Will tell TSC that he'll be stepping down as doc group chair
  • VMB: Will add issue tracking topic to agenda for next call (Done: 2019-03-20 Docs WG Meeting)

Backlogged Action Items

  • ???: Get rid of community-docs repo (it's superfluous) ← do this after all of the repos are moved
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