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  • Review action items from 2019-03-08 TF Marketing WG Meeting
  • GSoC blog post draft (thanks, Darien!)
  • LF Zoom for the call?
  • Meetup update
  • OIS event?
  • Please use the mailing list for almost all emails


  • Review action items
    • Don't appear to be any. Just carry over from the week before.
    • VMB: create document to develop goals: done
    • James/Chaitanya: Find speaker/date for Bay Area Cloud-Native Open Infrastructure Meetup
      • C will update next week
    • Robert: Update blog: Add KubeCon podcast
      • See below!
  • Podcast!
    • Robert has finished the podcast recorded from Kubecon NA in 2018
    • Has a blog post to go with it
    • Maddison et alios are on it
  • GSoC blog post
    • Darien got us a draft, woo!
    • James will probably get this posted today
      • Needs an assist from Brandon
  • Meetup update
    • OSN User Group in Moscow Victor Larin, a member of the meetup, has volunteered to present in May. JF provided resources.
      • Is there a more recent deck to send him? (nope)
    • Bay Area Cloud-Native Open Infrastructure Meetup: still need a speaker/hostPossible dates: April 2-4, April 23-25, May 14-16, May 21-23.  Emailed Aniket Gawade <>, Ranjini Rajendran <>, Sachchidanand Vaidya <>
    • The OSN User Group Bay Area Q2 Meetup will have "a TF focus". Chaitanya Kadiyala and Bin Hu (the primary meetup Organizer) are in touch about topics
    • Three other locations would welcome speakers.
      • James: ambassadors who aren't following through?
      • Jennifer: Yup. Zero nibbles.
  • OIS Event?  Meetup at Open Infrastructure Summit Denver (Apr 29-May 1)

    • Potential Hosts:
    • Potential Content:
      • Sukdev is considering working on a demo of Akraino and TF integration that he could possibly present
      • Ask Brandon if any other LFN groups are attending OIS
    • Should we do an event at KubeCon EU (May 20-23) too or instead of OIS?

      • VMB & Randy will be at KubeCon EU
  • Marketing plan/budget we gave LFN last year?

    • We don't know what that is & don't have access to it right now
    • James will chase down the slides from that meeting last year
  • Marketing WG mailing list
    • Please CC this on communication
    • Must work in the open
  • Back to events!
    • Maybe would make sense to tag-team w/other LFN projects at KubeCon
  • LF Zoom for the call?
    • Maybe get Jill to set this up for us

Action items

  • VMB: Add "build speaker list" to goals
  • VMB: Add "review goals" to next week's agenda
  • VMB: Add "engage existing community more" to TSC priorities (as important as adding new community members)
  • VMB: Will ask Jill to join the call next week to fill us in on any potential plans for KubeCon
    • Will also ask about the Zoom
  • James: Chase down LFN slides w/ marketing plan & budget on them
  • JF: Continue to reach out to potential hosts of a Denver Meetup
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