• Sukhdev Kapur Committer list, still on hold
    • blockers: management trying to figure out timeline, uncomfortablility with moving to TF and moving things into the community
    • Also working with project management on transferring tickets to the TF Jira
    • swill: Shouldn't be a blocker on the committer list; need that to move forward with CI setup
      • SK: Have a list, but a lot of the people on it aren't at Juniper anymore; need to review/edit it
      • SK: Also delayed by question of whether to split repos
        • For instance, controller repo is overloaded with 4-5 separate projects in it
    • swill suggests starting with "people who have committed in past 6 months"
    • Alex: List of committers is not critical path; can wait on it for a few weeks
  • Parallel build setup (Alex)
    • In good shape, everything moving well
    • Ready to start moving to Vexxhost once have that ready to go
    • At that point, will have PoC Vexxhost, can then start with the committers & repos
      • Will be about a month
  • Vexxhost
    • pono & Andrey are coordinating on transferring the credentials (requires GPG)
    • But things are moving OK
  • What are the outstanding pieces, what's the timeline?
    • The Progmatic project plan
    • Prepare the CI/CD pipeline infra (Progmatic is on this; it's on track)
      • CI, Gerrit, Zuul
      • Will copy the repos & rename them for testing
      • Then can work with real repos; need committers at this time
    • Automate more tests (Progmatic is on this; still looking at what it'll entail)
      • Won't have this complete at first; will still need manual testing from Juniper still
      • Will be unstable nightlies
        • Fixing the mismatch of manifest & container problem, packaging manifest with build artefact
          • swill offers to test this when it's ready
      • Will work with Marcus in Juniper to estimate and automate these
    • Set up the Gerrit with the committers
    • Move the Jira tickets
    • Establish Jira workflow (bugs, blueprints)
    • Move the repos
  • Timing?
    • SK says that once the CI/CD is ready to go, can do the rest within a week
      • Estimates everything could be done within 4-ish weeks
      • But SK will need permission internally to make the move
  • Next week
    • Get update on parallel pipeline
    • May not need update on other bits yet
    • May be a short call, but still important to keep meeting regularly

Action items

  • Randy Bias Talk to Bikash. Sukhdev needs more support & permission to release the information he has now.
  • Will Stevens Summarise the manifest-container thing for the TSC