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18 Apr 2019



  • Start the Recording
  • Antitrust Policy
  • Agenda Bashing (Roll Call, Action Items (5 minutes)
  • General Topics
    • Action item follow-up
    • Documentation Update
    • Code of Conduct TAC Committee
    • Security Team
    • TF Representative to the TAC
  • Automated CLA update
  • Top Priority: Review 2019 TSC Priorities
  • WG membership/leadership (are they in a good place?)
  • Update Community Governance doc with PTL definition?
  • Build/test/release update: Integration with


  • CLA update
    • Been told it'd be done this week (we has a skepticism :eye roll:)
    • pono will have his side of things done this week, at least :thumbs up:
  • Manifest problem
    • Build releases aren't in sync with the manifest
    • alevine & his team are addressing this in the parallel build system
      • New docker container that'll include the manifest for the build
      • Will bootstrap correct setup/manifests for that specific build
  • TF rep to the TAC
    • Joseph is happy to accept the nomination
    • Vote: (have quorum w/proxies)
      • Motion approved : party:
    • Congrats, Joseph!
  • VMB with a quick docs update
    • Gonna bootstrap with the Contrail docs
    • Talks ongoing within Juniper to convert those again
  • CoC TAC Committee
    • Contact Catherine L if you're interested in participating
  • Security team
    • The people addressing security issues
    • Current list: Randy (just added), three Lenovo folks
    • Need to diversify the companies on the list
    • Will put a call out on the list for security folks to join
  • GSoC intern updates from VM Brasseur
  • TSC Priorities
    • 2019 TSC Priorities
    • RLB: Are we missing any large top-level buckets from the list? Or are these 4 correct?
      • No additions recommended
    • Build Release / Community Releases
      • Lots of conversation inside Juniper
      • Finally getting alignment
      • Alex's team setting up the new automated parallel pipeline
        • Functionally duplicate, but enhanced to be automated & more efficient
      • Next: assess the testing gap that needs to be closed
        • Alex's team will deliver a doc that the community can use to assess the work needed & get started
        • May also get help from Juniper teams on filling those testing gaps
    • Improve Ease of Use
      • Alex's team has a PoC of a devstack for TF
        • Works on CentOS, not Ubuntu
      • Team will send this out to the tsc@ mailing list
    • Review Governance Process
    • Improve Developer Diversity
      • VMB: No cycles for more interns
        • Also a slow & high-maintenance way to get more developers
        • Better to get more users & reach out to existing users
      • SK: Workday folks have a patch to send, but are gun shy of sending that
        • Folks were surprised that patches were welcome
      • RLB: Newsletter?
        • Can we get someone to start putting out regular updates?
        • VMB: Need more resources for marketing if we want more outreach
  • WGs & Meetings
    • RLB: More meetings aren't great, but we need more information flow
    • CC: Have more project-based meetings
      • PTLs meet, then report back
    • RLB: Need a place to review blueprints; extend TSC call & reserve time?
    • Next week: extend meeting by 30 minutes
    • Start reviewing blueprints in every meeting (standing agenda item)
  • Blueprint flow for TF
    • Doesn't 100% match what it was in Launchpad…? (for instance, no BP owner anymore)

Action items

  • Will Stevens  will work with Alex Levine to test the new management of the TF manifests via the addition of a new bootstrap docker container.
  • Will Stevens  will update the documentation site once the new manifest bootstrap docker container implementation has been tested and verified to be working.
  • Will Stevens  review the DevStack implementation (specifically with Ubuntu) and begin to battle test.
  • Casey Cain  will email the list asking for folks w/a security background to join the Security Team
  • Joseph Gasparakis  will check with Jim StL about joining the Marketing calls again
  • Sukhdev Kapur  come up with a list of Jira changes necessary for the blueprint process &  file a ticket on