• Daniel: Zuul / Vexhost in progress
  • Daniel: Working with the broader LFN on integration
  • Daniel: Working on getting docs repo integrated into Gerrit
  • Daniel: Need to get GitHub org (from Juniper) transferred to make progress
  • Edward: Blueprints in Jira?
    • Daniel: Still working through it with Sukhdev
      • Large import to get everything ported
  • Edward: Can we create tickets in Jira?
    • Daniel: Yes!!! Just login using LF ID
  • Darien: updates above (smile)
    • Casey: there's no swag because of budget reduction, no swag this year unless we get some money for that
    • Randy: how much do we need? Casey: 2-3k? Randy: Juniper can do about 500-1k
    • Darien: hopefully can match
    • Darien: how to get merged?
    • Randy: Just merge it unless opinions differ
  • Edward: might be able to go to developer event in China
    • Casey: LF doesn't know about this event, Phil is probably not available
    • Casey: need better tracking of events so we can plan ahead
    • Edward: Lenovo has people in China that cannot go to Stockholm
    • Jim: team in shanghai that could be sent, but no one close to Stockholm
    • Randy: short time to get people there, but adding new devs is a big win
    • Edward: last event had a big sync up, hopefully TSC will let me represent at the event
      • silence means +1
    • Casey: hopefully people can go to the Stockholm event to connect to other LFN communities
    • Daniel: can we get access to the community calendar event 
      • Casey, Daniel, Jennifer Fowler,
      • Randy: let's add marketing group, TSC and whoever else wants
      • Casey: has better calendar support than google and with outlook
      • Randy: has better Chinese support than Google
  • Action items:
    • Will: has some blockers on docker stuff
    • Jim: will go to community meeting or get a proxy
  • Joint Release Management meeting
    • Casey: this doesn't exist yet. ONAP/ OPNFV are looking to adjust their release windows (related to new DDF schedule and academic outreach)
    • Casey: still need to make release plan, might not need to atten the JRM Meeting
    • Randy: premature to go, revisit in 3-6 months after things settle
    • Casey: other communities are trying to coordinate release windows

Action items