• Action items
  • Vexxhost update
    • pono: All quotas are lifted & should work A-OK
    • apavlov: Quotas are sufficient now (woo)
      • Some projects working fine, but not all of them
      • Problems may be that the Vexxhost machines aren't as fast as Juniper (not sure yet)
      • By this time next week are hoping ~90% of the projects will work
        • Will be slowed by Russian holiday this week
  • GitHub org
    • LF needs to be an owner of the org
    • The GH repos will be mirrored from Gerrit
    • The primary repos will live in Gerrit
    • This means the community will need to figure out how to make sure people aren't sending PRs instead of going to Gerrit
      • We'll just turn off PRs in the repos

Action items