• Pono: action items from last week
    • still need to investigate Jira notifications
    • and port the LF docs into the TF confluence for CLA stuff
    • There are Windows Server licenses in Vexxhost
    • Vexx already on ssds + ceph so can't really make any faster
  • Alex: Zuul is working in Vexx!
    • almost on par with juniper internal performance
    • sanity and unit tests passing
    • reflecting reviews from juniper into gerrit
  • Will: asking about vexx setup
    • Alex: build in parallel against juniper
    • Will: so using the same repos as juniper but on the new CI system
    • Andrey: need to maintain internal repo but can't merge right now
  • Pono: let's import a repo to to start testing sooner rather than later
    • Alex: repos still named contrail, won't be able to create reviews
    • Andrey: yeah, just for sending reviews
    • Will: just standard mail stuff
  • Will: Does the new CI generate artifacts to be published?
    • Alex: will create artifacts and containers and can publish anywhere + dockerhub
      • still need more testing for release procedures
    • Will: this is for nightly builds? contrail dockerhub?
    • Alex: jobs create artifacts for publishing
    • Will: artifact release thoughts will come up in TSC
    • Will: docs repo moved yet?
    • Pono: will be moved before TSC meeting this week
    • Will: Use docs repo to validate in gerrit and get TF docs up to date instead of opencontrails

Action items