• Action items
    • Sukhdev still working on committer lists
    • Pono still needs to write up that doc about squashed repos
  • Ticket review
  • Timing question for Vexxhost
    • Vexxhost is slooooooooow: build RPMs + containers takes 2 hours
    • Progmatic has several other data points to compare to (Juniper, AWS)
      • VH config is underperforming in comparison
    • Comparison table:
    • Swap is switched off, so that's not it
    • Bottleneck…?
      • Disk?
      • Node is over-committed?
      • Slower CPU?
      • All of the above?
    • AWS is much faster, takes much less time → less cost
    • Pono: How are unit tests doing, perf wise?
      • AP: unit tests are totally borked right now
    • May be some optimisation for buildrpm will help
    • Pono: Links to Zuul jobs? To get logs for more information?
      • AP will send links later
  • Windows CI
    • kvm kernel version?
    • Possible to run Windows CI there?
      • AP sent email about this to Pono
    • Pono knows of no other projects that are doing Windows on Vexxhost
  • tf/docs migration to Gerrit
    • WIP
    • Pono will work on this week
  • CLA
    • Pono enabled CLA checks for Gerrit yesterday (
    • Writing docs for this

Action items