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  • Action items
    • Progmatic added to the TF GH org
  • Jira tickets 
  • Update on CI/CD
    • Runs replicated jobs (2 weeks so far)
      • Mostly passing with same results as Juniper
      • Still a few discrepancies that Progmatic is investigating
    • New kernel added overnight, so are adding that to the parallel setup
  • Renaming repos & running CI against it
    • Not very easy
    • Would be helpful to have Jakub here for an update on this
    • Some code is hard coded for directories
      • Progmatic will have to refactor this to turn them into parameters; in the process of that & should be done in next few days
      • So when repos renamed, can use the parameters & change values
    • So far is a phased approach that's working as far as the naming itself
      • All necessary changes are related to other stuff (MTUs on Vexxhost, etc), which may be affecting deployment; naming has no affect on deployment
  • tf-devstack, tf-dev-env
  • Test coverage
    • Progmatic meeting with Marcus/Carlo from Juniper about this
  • Repo move?
    • No one here who can provide an update about this right now
  • TPC repos for r5.1
    • Just need a placeholder for these repos
    • So 5.1 will be able to have community-based open source TPC
      • Eventually move away from TPC (pre-built RPMs) completely; just get directly from the open source projects themselves
      • Won't be changing that now, but putting RPMs into a community repo/archive could allow us to redirect the builds to them while TPCs are necessary
    • still pointing at the old rpm static host
      • Doesn't have any version control
      • No way to snapshot/tag the RPMs used for the build
    • pono: could we host rpms in nexus in vexx?
      • alex: sure
      • Just need a static file host
    • pono: Could log the RPMs/dependencies in the manifest
      • PS: Could do; better than nothing
    • For 5.1: Prabhjot will host on his IP
      • After that, get a more permanent home for them

Action items

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  1. Seems like TPC for R5.1 is made available today on by Juniper.
    i will be refering to this as a repo in the build document.