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  • Action items
    • Pono still needs to send the readmes, but it's not very high priority
  • Ticket review
  • Create a mirror TPC (rpms used to build a release)
    • There'll be a Nexus instance at some point
      • Will be able to put this there
      • Is an instance running in Vexxhost
    • For now, need to figure out a way for the community to manage this
    • Alex: Current process doesn't require this…?
      • Apparently required for building the containers
      • New CI does this in the sandbox, including containers
      • Don't need the mirror
    • PS: There's a way to do this w/o the mirror?
      • Trying to build 5.1 for now
      • AL: Don't need to store RPMs for this…
        • PS: Just for a mirror (AL: a-ok)
    • andrey: improving the container build process
    • exposing containers into the tungstenfabric repo
    • pono: did you get credentials for the docker hub?
    • prabhjot: yes, just waiting on the manifest file for the 5.1 release
  • CI
    • On Vexxhost, connected to TF Gerrit
    • Can go into beta testing/production when the repos are renamed
    • Several caveats
      • Need to update Zuul jobs to consume new repos
        • Jakub has prepared a renamed repos test for this; working on testing now
        • Working to get Zuul working w/renamed repos & Contrail repos both
      • Have switched on replication of reviews
        • Running them in the CI to confirm the results are the same
        • A week so far and ~80% jobs working as expected
        • Remaining 20% mostly failing for non-job-related reasons
          • Connection failures, mostly
          • Will introduce mirrors to overcome this
      • To get stuff ready for repos
        • Those two caveats above
  • Repos
    • CI isn't blocking the renaming
    • Carlo is waiting to give approval to this
    • Once that happens, Codilime will rename & move to TF GH
    • Then can start consuming those TF GH repos
    • Then can move CI & connect to
    • Next step: Carlo & Codilime to move the repos
    • Vicky: codilime is moving to tf github?  aren't we using gerrit?
      • Alex: don't know if final place for code is…?
      • Pono: Primary repos are in Gerrit, then mirrored to GH
      • Primary repos will be in gerrit but mirroring to a read-only Github
      • Alex: plan is rename the repos in juniper gerrit, push to tungsten github
        • this is a hopeful plan (smile)
        • would impose more risks to move to TF gerrit and rename at once
  • Sukhdev: getting ready to import workflows from juniper to TF JIRA
    • hopefully get workflows done this month
  • Alex: Will Stevens isn't here, but merged change for kubernetes manifest can now be built and published with other containers
    • \o/
    • tfdevstack: haven't clear it up with juniper side, but Randy Bias wants to push to github
      • should we push to tungsten github or put into gerrit? or put into test gerrit?
    • Pono: good test for TF gerrit and testing against CI?
    • alex: how to test against github?
    • suhkdev: put into both gerrit and github
    • alex: which to do reviews against?
    • prabhjot: try against github
      • move it into tungstenfabric github
    • alex; move with rest of repos?
    • prabhjot: once there is sufficient CI, then move into tf gerrit
    • alex: primary copy in github, changed by PRs, then test with gerrit
    • prabhjot: first start with github and then move into gerrit
    • alex: let's put it into github
    • vicky: make sure we remember to move it over to gerrit
    • alex: we'll remember forever
    • vicky: make sure you've got perms in github and gerrit
    • alex:

Action items