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  • Review Actions Items:
  • Review Jira tickets
    • pono: there is a problem with new tickets being created with Infrastructure component, no distinction for ticket creators that it refers to internal infra
      • not related to code infra
    • no new Infrastructure tickets
  • Jakub: Won't be able to be on the calls
    • Will find someone who can join instead
    • VMB: Please get that to us this week
  • Update on CI/CD
    • conversations with marcus and carlo
    • Will have more info next meeting
    • TF Zuul works well now, just doesn't handle a project like Windows (but Juniper side doesn't use Zuul for this, either)
      • Working great with old Zuul jobs now
    • Pono: Are there Windows images that can be used in Vexxhost?
      • If this is a priority…?
      • Alex: Not a priority afaik; would need to take that to the community (TC)
  • Update on repo move
    • What's next for this? Need anything else from Pono?
    • Jakub: No, waiting on other blockers
      • Waiting for Carlo's approval to proceed
    • The Gerrit/GitHub question: Does that impact the repo move?
      • Not a blocker for just moving the repos
      • Final goal is to have functioning CI, so this might be a problem for that
        • Zuul used in old CI & Vexxhost has problems with handling GitHub
        • no merge/ review system
    • Alex: Haven't heard of any problems with Gerrit…?
      • Moving to GitHub will be a problem with the Infra as it's currently set up
      • Don't believe Gerrit is a blocker for contributors
    • Andrey: GitHub isn't a good review system, anyway
      • Jakub: Could use Zuul, but would need a newer version of Zuul since this version doesn't work with GitHub (a very nasty bug)
      • Alex: Tried using newer Zuul but it's very raw & don't feel comfortable using it in production
  • Nightly builds
    • Is ci/cd planning on doing nightlies?
    • Prabhjot Singh Sethi will bring up in tsc call
      • will be important from release point of view
      • sanity tests running more will be good
    • alexandre: having nightly builds won't be a problem for zuul
    • prabhjot: that won't work because we're working with multiple repos
      • needs repos
    • alex: we should be able to grab all the repos at once
    • prabhjot: discussion for email
    • alex: nightlies should work (smile)
  • TPC
    • manifest for codilime to work on to build out TPC
    • can someone join TWG meeting to discuss?
    • what's the process for making the TPC
  • Hi Gary!
    • Would love to help the CI/CD work!
      • Whatever's needed: creating, maintaining, whatever
    • Are there any docs or could someone do a brain dump?
      • Follow on mailing list, or…?
    • Alex: We'll talk!
      • Right now things are in flux
      • Old CI is in Juniper & closed
      • New CI is in the initial stages, not in good condition for onboarding new folks yet
      • Will try to find some tasks/components to hand off

Action items

  • Jakub will mail tsc@ with who will be replacing him on the call
  • Alex will reply to the mailing list about Gerrit/GitHub
  • Prabhjot Singh Sethi Still need a ticket for the TPC code