• Action Items
    • "Alex will reply to the mailing list about Gerrit/GitHub"
      • Agreed in the short term that Gerrit is still the best path forward
  • Jira Tickets
  • CI/CD
    • alex: trip to juniper was very good!
      • just plug it in!
      • zuul is hooked up to TF gerrit!
      • on track for testing
      • some builds are still very long, 2-4 hours closer to 3
        • precommit and sanity tests
        • 14/100-something tests
        • whole set takes about 6 hours
      • hopefully can get to around 2 hours, but 3 is more realistic
      • full build used to take 7 1/2 hours
      • unit tests are not optimized
      • pono: are you working on optimizing builds or can community help?
      • alex: anyone can theoretically help, but not easy yet
  • Repo Move
    • alex: still up to Carlo Contavalli
      • cautiously moving
      • Juniper is moving from zuul to jenkins internally, so there are some thoughts about that coordination (tangential to TF)
      • design idea: everything separate from CI
        • devstack, devend, test all different components so can be tested separately outside of zuul

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