• Sukhdev Kapur will be bringing in a JIRA consultant next week to work with the community around Blueprints, JIRA workflows and sync to the Infra call on Aug 6th.
  • SLA discussion
  • Repo move update
    • bitergia statistics, move to own build pipeline are high priority items blocked on repo migration
    • Carlo is putting a plan together
    • small incremental moves
      • due to very tight dependencies
    • hoping to move a small number of repos each month
    • might take 6-9 months
    • casey: will there be a roadmap?
    • randy: yes, as soon as carlo can put one together
  • Test coverage plan
    • there are mostly units tests everywhere
    • there's no current way to do individual component tests at the moment
    • manual QA being done by juniper
    • Please help look at Test Coverage Plan so we can improve community testing efforts
    • prabhjot: paul had some AT&T tests
    • sukhdev: there were some concerns from Alex about the tests
    • we need to have a TWS meeting with the CI team and AT&T
    • rudra: let me know if I can help
    • alex: problems with AT&T PR
      • infra isn't done enough to be stable while adding in new tests
      • OpenStack tests with Tempest and testr/ python
      • different testing methodologies which split design of tests
      • current testing already takes a long time
        • develop time might be better spent tuning those tests instead of just adding more
      • duplication of functionality
    • Ed: might be able to run shaker tests weekly?
    • alex: are we talking about inclusion for CI?  if not we can add optional tests that aren't run at every commit
      • could always run on extra machines outside of normal Vexx Zuul setup
    • rudra: shaker is still python based
      • possible to import one tests to the other?
  • PR for Chinese language architectural document
    • Randy just merged it
    • need a PR for website and docs changes

Action items