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  • Start the Recording
  • Antitrust Policy
  • Agenda Bashing (Roll Call, Action Items (5 minutes)
  • General Topics
    • 2020 Priorities and Budget (will probably take most/all of the meeting)
    • Monthly releases: Contrail vs. TF
    • DDF at KubeCon NA (see this email)
    • Review of newly migrated (from Juniper) TF blueprints in next tech workstream call (Tuesday)
      • Could be deferred an additional week (TBD)


  • DDF at KubeCon NA
    • Have space for ~55 people. Do we want to use it?
    • RLB: Yes. Lock it in.
    • VMB: How much for it?
      • CC: Small fee for coffee & stuff, but room is free
    • Tungsten Fabric 2019 DDF
  • Budgeting process for 2020
    • LF finalising this & will talk to TSC about it next week
  • Priorities for 2020
    • Please review 2019 TSC Priorities
      • Build/release process
      • Improve ease of use
      • Improve governance
      • Improve developer diversity
    • Don't expect many changes for 2020
  • Talk more about it next week
  • FYI:  TWS call next week will include blueprint review
    • Moved from Juniper Jira to TF Jira (woo!)
  • Infra group is changing their meeting frequency
    • No need to meet weekly at the moment
    • Move to biweekly
  • Monthly releases: Contrail vs TF
    • Only introducing the subject now; longer conversation needed
    • Juniper is releasing Contrail every month now; TF…is not
    • Can the TF CI even match what Juniper  has right now?
      • Hardware requirements
      • Manual QA required
    • If TF keeps  consuming/repackaging Juniper, setting expectation of  monthly releases but those releases are  tied  to Juniper release capabilities that TF can't duplicate
    • We need to figure out the best path forward
    • VMB: Make this our single goal for 2020: reach parity  w/Juniper so TF is consumable
    • Draft plan
      • Start figuring out the gaps between where we are & where we want to be
        • Where are we now?
        • Where to we want to be?
        • What do we need to work on to get there?
      • Use DDF to work on filling in those gaps and/or plan for filling them in 2020
    • swill: Would it make sense to use the CNCF cross-cloud tests?
      • VMB: maybe? Dunno what we need, dunno what they do. But if there's overlap then sure.
    • Abhijeet: ATT has Tempest tests
      • RLB: Want to use these, but current test framework is Heat/python & totally different; wanna get to that
      • AS: Useful to open source these tests anyway?
        • RLB: Yes, definitely
    • AS: Point of contact for testing?
      • ATT has build Torpedo, a new project and container testing
      • Could have the testing SME & have them fill folks in?
      • RLB: reach out to RLB, VMB, Alex
    • Next  step: RLB talk to alevine & make the gap analysis a priority
      • VMB: Documented in the wiki, please
    • swill: Published list of passing/failing tests?
      • RLB: alevine has it; Zuul
  • swill:  k8s architectures
    • (note taker got pulled onto something else & missed a bunch of this)
    • tl;dr: Will's gonna make this into a blueprint.

Action items

  • Casey Cain Start a wiki page for planning the KubeCon DDF (topic proposals, etc)
  • Randy Bias Ask Progmatic to link to the Zuul on the wiki
  • Casey Cain Will get the blueprint review on the agenda for next week's TWS call
  • Randy Bias To talk to Alex about a documented GAP analysis of what is missing to achieve parity with Juniper testing by Kubecon NA and the TF DDF there