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  • Welcome back!
  • Review action items from 2019-12-12 Docs Project Meeting
  • Sneak preview of non-docs stuff in the works
  • Revisit Future agenda items: Release and Documentation Working Group
  • Recap of 2019
  • Review 2020 TSC Priorities
  • Looking forward to 2020
    • Hackathon in Sunnyvale: teach Juniper Tech Pubs team how to contribute
    • Develop Docs Roadmap: what docs do we need, in what order, by when, and why
    • Monthly emails to discuss@ with low-hanging Docs fruit (Jira tickets someone could jump on to get their ATC status)
  • Bring a Friend
    • Please invite a friend or coworker to join the Docs calls


  • Welcome, Abirami!
    • Team does self-introductions
  • Revisit Future agenda items
    • Casey is +1 on "Review wiki & move some of the docs to the repo" 
    • Consider restructuring the layout/format of documentation
    • Patch approval criteria for docs: deferring for now
    • Nothing here is a huge priority right now; will continue deferring; check back again in a couple months
  • Recap of 2019
    • Up
      • RTD! Woo!
      • Docs repo actually in Gerrit
      • Docs team is making progress
    • Down
      • Didn't doc what it takes to, uh, doc
      • Patch #51 didn't land
      • Didn't get the Contrail 5.0 docs moved over
  • TSC priorities
    • We're vital to most of these
    • Need to stay on the TSC to send us more docs help because of that
  • Bring a friend!
    • We need more help!
    • DH is working on a person, but it's slow going
  • Looking forward to 2020
    • Hackathon in Sunnyvale! What do we need to do before we can make a hackathon happen?
      • "How to contribute" docs
      • New layout? Information architecture?
        • VMB: That's window dressing, nice-to-have, not MVP
        • Content is more important than presentation right now
      • Git for tech writers doc
      • CI/CD workflow
      • Basics of Gerrit
      • Basics of reStructured text?
        • Yeah, probably put something together
      • Onboarding material 
      • Patch #51
      • Review the Docs Census for existing material
    • A good start for a list for first part of 2020!

Action items