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  • Talked about the need for the community to help identify the different "sub-projects" to clearly define the project structure.
  • Prabhjot Singh Sethi we need to enforce that any inbound code or feature must be documented in the wiki and in the community Jira to be an approved project.
    • There are concerns about inbound code being documented properly and meets IPR.
    • The TSC will be the gating approval for new projects and inbound code review.
  • Sanju noted that there is no information in our JIRA.
    • Jared noted that Juniper is working on migrating work to the community Jira.
    • Sanju believes that he can build a story for the release for the 2003 release from Juniper Jira tickets
    • PSS believes that we may be chasing the release too much and need to focus on future releases. 

Action items

  •  Prabhjot Singh Sethito update the Release R2003 to include the contrail-dpdk for the gap release build.
  •  Casey Cain to initiate a vote to approve the gap release of R2003 after it has been updated to include the contrail-dpdk.