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  • Update on "marketing mailing list is misconfigured & erroring right now"
  • Review action items from  2019-02-15 TF Marketing WG Meeting
  • Meetup opportunities and outreach efforts
    • London panel?
  • Service Mesh Day demo
  • Developer Summit: update from TSC/CC call
  • Diversity of companies in our Working Group (how can we recruit others to join us)
  • Talk about metrics 
    • Meetups
    • Conferences
    • Carbide
    • Community diversity
    • Others?



  • Mailing list
    • Not actually broken. A-OK to use!
  • Action items
    • James: Update WG lists on website: defer until TSC is settled
    • Chaitanya: will share spreadsheet of Juniper events where TF could participate
    • VMB: list of events?
      • Will wait for Chaitanya's list then add to it if needed; we can discuss later
    • Robert: Conversations in-flight with Yandex. This is going forward, woo!
  • Meetup/outreach
    • See Jennifer's notes above
    • Specifically, coordinating with Lisa Namphy's OpenInfra/CloudNative group (~7K members) to present soon
      • This may be hosted at Juniper?
    • Maddison receiving questions about labs for the events: how hands-on?
      • Many attendees are architects, etc, not devs
      • James: it's pretty straightforward, not too difficult for non-devs
    • Doing a massive sweep of the Bay Area meetups
      • Should be a lot easier to find speakers 
    • London Panel
      • VMB will ping Graeme in London about this
  • Service Mesh Day Demo
    • Maddison is syncing with his team to see whether they can get a video of the demo a week before
    • Then the Juniper folks could re-use the demo for Service Mesh Day
    • Will also share the presentation
    • Rainjini is looking into a technical demo on the Juniper side
  • Improving diversity of companies represented on the MWG
    • JK: Hard to get people to join consistently
      • Used to get Tim from Intel
      • Used to get someone from Lenovo at least help with meetup support

Conference updates

  1. ONS NA
    1. Running Tungsten Fabric at Scale - Piyush Srivastava, Workday - Thursday, April 4 • 3:40pm - 4:10pm
  2. Open Infrastructure Summit - Agenda (No TF topics accepted?) << yes, three. But they're tagged with Open Contrail, not TF. Sigh.


  • VMB will reach out to Graeme about the London event
  • VMB will ping AT&T about joining the MWG
  • James will ping Intel about joining the MWG, also Redapt