• OpenStack Summit Shanghai
    • Sukhdev has a talk approved
    • Juniper China team very interested in doing a TF event at the same time
    • They're looking for ideas for how to proceed
    • VMB: Marketing group can help with this
      • JSL: Plan from marketing group, resources (speakers) from technical group
    • RLB: What are the dates?
  • CEG
    • VMB: Please review this
    • Sounds like folks haven't had a look at it yet
      • Syed & Fayaz have & +1 it
  • TF Data Sheet
    • Is this accurate? Needed for ONS EU
    • Please have a look before the Marketing call tomorrow (10:30 Pacific)
    • ET: History of this doc? Where'd it come from?
      • RLB: At least part of it was created by RCathey to un-buzzword the previous data sheet
    • ET: Get a lot of questions about perf numbers; can integrate here?
      • RLB: May make sense to have a separate resource for this
    • VMB: Please add ideas here for the numbers you'd like to see: Performance & Scalability Numbers for TF
  • DDF
    • Tungsten Fabric 2019 DDF
    • Need room/date info. Do we have this?
      • CC: Just got rooms today; One fits 80 other fits 35.
      • CC: Don't have dates yet, but will have 2 days somewhere during Kubecon
    • Need topics. Please update the wiki page. Pretty please. Pretty pretty please
  • Community Commitments
    • Formerly Known As SLAs
      • Implied enforcement that we don't have; don't want to set up that expectations
    • Internal commitments for stuff like reviewing patches, etc
    • This document will evolve, just need to get a stake in the sand
    • Would like to get sign off on this
      • VMB & DH are +1
    • Ian Rae moves to approve these as currently written
    • Zoom poll is up; Casey Cainwill post in the minutes after the call
    • Passed unanimously
  • Updated PTL Description
    • Draft in the Community Commitments document
    • Please review these and add your comments
  • 2020 TSC Priorities
  • 2019 TSC Priorities: Accomplishments listed here
    • RLB captured some here
    • Please review and add accomplishments here
  • JSL: Community metrics tool?
    • Ready to roll?
    • CC: Relies on LF repos, but we don't have those yet

Action items